Contracting for complex industrial projects

Coordination of all trades

for mechanically welded assemblies, skids, piping, requiring specific know-how.

Production and assembly on-site

SCTMI can meet all demands, from project definition to assembly on your site.

  • We are able to work with subcontractors on studies, finishing (lagging, surface finishing, etc.)
  • Hydraulic testing
  • Manufacturing file and traceability, tests and final acceptance according to customer’s requirements: non-destructive tests (penetrant flow detection, x-rays and ultrasound)
  • Certified QMOS for steel, stainless steel, steel alloys, copper-nickel (Cupronickel), Welders certified mainly HLO 45 for the following processes:
    • 111
    • 135
    • 136
    • 141

certification-ISO9001    certification-IWS   iso.